Family History of Heart Disease Inspires New Business, Big Risk
CEO watched Grandfather Suffer 3 Heart Attacks, Die Young

Crofton, MD- Lee Collinson suffered his first heart attack when he was only 34. The next came in his mid 40’s. At age 59, he died in his sleep of a third heart attack, this one was massive. His grandson Budge Collinson was only eight years old.
25 years later, the memory of his grandfather’s struggles and concern for his parents, led Budge to change his professional path. He left a well paid career as a pharmaceutical rep, to start a health and wellness company, Infusion Sciences. His feelings for his grandfather along with years of training in healthy eating, vitamins and fitness lead him to develop a product for aimed at heart health.
Youth Infusion ( )is a multivitamin supplement with more than 35 vitamins and minerals including a surge of key “heart health” vitamins including Vitamin C, CoQ10 and Arginine.
The formula is his. The motivation to make the product and take a risk as an entrepreneur was exclusively personal. He wants Youth Infusion to become a household name, known for fighting heart disease the nation’s number one killer.
He is well on the way as the product has been approved by the Heart Health Foundation, and is carried by several The Vitamin Shoppe stores and on the chain’s website.
Each step gets Budge closer to his goal of saving more fathers and mothers, sisters and grandfathers…Lee Collinson.