Crackdown on Traditional Energy Drinks Boosting a New Market Category … Healthy Energy Products

More Companies Marketing and Producing Health Alternatives, Local Company’s Infomercial Rejected by Networks for Attacking Unhealthy Energy Products, Advertisers

Crofton, MD-The looming crackdown on traditional energy drinks is building a new niche in the market— healthy energy products.
By now you have read the stories of how the eyes of the government, medicine and media have focused in on the energy drink business. A few of articles of note include:

• Congress Seeks Data on Energy Drinks – NY Times

• Caffeinated Drink Cited in Reports of 13 Deaths – NY Times

• Monster/ Red Bull Turn to Lobbyists for Help- Washington Post

• Energy Drinks Blamed For Boost In Emergency Room Visits -NPR

• ER visits tied to energy drinks double since 2007 – Associated Press

As you consider health energy product companies, allow to submit to you a vitamin based energy powder called Youth Infusion ( ). It is currently sold in several stores and Vitamin Shoppe online.

The combination of doctors and consumers telling the company they received a boost of energy, mixed with the press about the unhealthy affects of Monster, Red Bull and 5 Hour, etc, lead them to focus on presenting their product as a healthy energy alternative. This has lead to change in packaging, marketing materials, the website..and PR. Revenue has increased by 25% in just a few months with projections higher.

The company Infusion Sciences based in Crofton Maryland, even produced an infomercial. The problem, it has been resoundingly rejected from networks around the country because it attacks the other energy drink companies…who spend millions in advertising. INFOMERCIAL:

Youth Infusion positions itself as providing natural energy through a combination of 35 vitamins and minerals… including:
• Several B vitamins “The Energy Vitamins”
• Electrolyte minerals
• CoQ10 supports health heart function, especially to the heart
• Since the product is a powder which is best with water, Youth Infusion promotes hydration, which keeps your body functioning optimally.
• Arginine, Glutamine, and Vitamin =the recovery vitamins
• The product has NO sugar, gluten, artificial sugar, or caffeine
Budge Collinson, the founder of the product and CEO of Infusion Sciences says healthy energy was the best vertical market to focus his marketing efforts. The makeup of the product allowed us to consider many directions to market Youth Infusion, but with all the recent news about unhealthy energy products and our concern there wasn’t a truly natural product in this category, we moved in the energy direction” says Collinson.