About us

Infusion Sciences was Founded by Budge & Linda Collinson

Budge Collinson

Budge Collinson began learning about health and wellness early on, but became increasingly frustrated at the inclusion of inferior ingredients in many natural products on the market. After years of research and seeing such a demand for natural products with clinical support, he decided to create Infusion Sciences.

Mr. Collinson earned a bachelor’s degree in food and resource economics from the University of Florida and continued to obtain a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. More recently he became a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and consistently attends the Natural Products Expo where he continues to discover and learn about healthy ingredients. Collinson is also a go-to source for media outlets across the country for healthy lifestyle and food source discussions.

Linda Collinson

Linda Collinson had always suffered from sensitive, irritated skin and thought maybe there was a natural treatment. Through intensive research she found that commercially available products all contained ingredients that actually contributed to her dry, irritated skin – most products contained mineral oil, a petroleum product, that does the opposite of hydrating the skin. In 1981 Linda created LaCrista (meaning the best) Natural Skincare to market her natural skincare formulas that worked so well for her very sensitive skin.

Linda landed her products on the shelves of WalMart, Sams Club, Giant Food, The Cosmetic Centers, and other notable retail stores in the U.S. and abroad. Over the course of her career, Linda has received countless awards and recognition including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The Maryland Blue Chip Award, The Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Small Business Achievement Award, A Lifetime Honorary Member Award for the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and induction into the University of Maryland’s Michael Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship.

Infusion Sciences

INFUSION SCIENCES specializes in products for promoting longevity, inside and out. Visit our Products Section to learn more about ourYouth Infusion Vitamin Drink, which provides a boost of natural energy; our Youth Infusion 3 Pack for hangover relief or prevention; and our Dewberry Lotion, formula

INFUSION SCIENCES is a modern health and wellness company committed to the ongoing pursuit of achieving vibrant health, vitality and sustainable wellness.

Budge Collinson & Linda Collinson